Free yourself

from your past

Holistic healing and therapy


Veronica Brand Counselling 

I offer a holistic range of services depending upon your needs to help you recover your sense of wellbeing. I'm passionate about helping others unravel their past experiences in a safe way, in order to move forwards in life.

Using a combination of therapeutic techniques, we will work together to create the treatment plan that is right for you. Using a comprehensive approach, I can support you on your recovery journey.

All therapies can be accessed online or in person.


A style of therapy which uses the relaxing state of hypnosis to facilitate the treatment plan over a course of 12-15 sessions. This state is accessed in a therapeutic way to release trapped emotions and trauma from the past.


Counselling is a talking therapy where just being heard and understood in a non judgemental way can allow you to understand how your emotions work and help you restore emotional well-being to your life. I specialise in supporting those going through 

12-step programs.


Utilising Yoga, Meditation and

Breath-work to facilitate healing and growth. Increasingly, psychologists are realising that trauma is often stored in the physical body. This method of healing allows you to unblock trapped trauma.

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